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Here are some flash animations produced for my own teaching and free for you to download and use as you wish.


Most links open the animation in its own window. One or two are links to collections of animation on a similar theme.


Click on the picture to open the animation in its own window. Right-click the text link if you want to download and save the animation to your own computer by selecting Save link as...









animal cell drag and drop plant cell structure body bits drag and drop golgi body
animal cell labelling plant cell body bits


enzyme kinetics model enzyme animations flush the food absorption in the ileum
enzyme kinetics enzymes Flush the Food


photosynthesis loop auxin osmosis transpiration
photosynthesis auxin osmosis transpiration
water movement in plants plasmolysis photolab photosynthesis equation animation
water movement plasmolysis photolab photo equation
kidney structure adh water potential membrane transport
kidney ADH water potential transport
heart structure heart labelling activity virus
heart heart labels circulation virus
lymphocyte phagocyte a revision activity monohybrid inheritance
lymphocyte phagocyte disease revision inheritance
lung structure respiration loop making human insulin
lungs respiration fish ventilation making insulin
skinner box synapse carbon cycle nitrogen cycle
skinner box synapse carbon cycle nitrogen cycle
inheritance of eye colour independent assortment drosophila with epistasis drosophila with linkage
eye colour assortment drosophila (epistasis) drosophila (linkage)
gender inheritance eye function drag and drop eye structure eye structure drag and drop
gender eye functions eye eye structure
mineral nutrition animal type game animal hit game classification pairs
minerals animal type animal hit Classification pairs

energy transfers

transpiration pull



element pairs make a molecule compound quiz periodic table quiz
element pairs Make a Molecule Make a Molecule groups
build an atom thiosulphate model thiosulphate measurement collision theory model
atom thiosulphate thiosulphate 2 (son of) collision theory


balanced forces forces forces 2 light and sound quiz
balanced forces forces forces 2 light and sound
pressure chain reaction fission fusion
pressure chain reaction fission fusion
convection circuit symbols drag and drop    
convection electrical components    


how to draw a graph how to draw a graph timer rock cycle drag and drop
graph son of graph timer rock cycle
planets pairs cloze maker brownian motion pangaea
Planets pairs Cloze Maker brownian pangaea
pass the bomb memory game  
pass the bomb Drag and drop Memory game



Why not have a go at producing your own flash movies. I have written a set of lessons to get you started. You will find them here.


The new Teachers Animation Toolkit has a set of templates together with some instruction pages to help you adapt them.


If you would like to see (and laugh at) the .fla files for the animations, please email me using the contact link.


Finally, here is a link so that you can download flash player from Macromedia.


30 December, 2010