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This is a first idea. It definitely needs some tidying but its aim is to create a cloze activity more or less automatically based on the contents of a text file.


The best way to find out how it works is to download the cloze.swf and clozetext.txt files and have a play with them.


The activity uses some key characters:

# before a word, creates a gap and places it in the word list.

~ before a word places the word in the word list as a distractor but does not create a gap.

@ on its own is used to force a new line.

any phrase can be forced to include a space using an underscore e.g. this_behaves_as_one_word.

fontsize=0 at the start of the text file can be used to force a starting font size for an activity, otherwise (if the value = 0) a default size will be used.

Make sure that you do not use the & character as flash uses this to work out the names of variables in the text file.


The swf file must be in the same folder as clozetext.txt and the text file's name must not be changed unless you adapt the source file so that the movie knows what to look for to load the variable.

Please email me if you want an LMS version that returns the score to an LMS.

downloads: .fla .swf text file