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The idea of the Teachers Animation Toolkit is to provide templates for a few generic types of flash animation. The links below take you to the animations together with some notes on adapting and using them, Flash document files (.fla) and any other associated files such as xml and text variable files.


All the document files are produced using Flash MX to ensure backwards compatability.


All the document files are my own and you have permission to use and adapt them as much as you want.


The five sections are given in order of increasing difficulty!


Clozemaker (you edit a text file and leave the Flash file alone)

Drag and drop (involves editing code and movie clips)

Reveal (involves editing code and movie clips)

Quiz (mainly involves editing code)

Pairs (mainly involves editing movie clips)

Mask (a little bit of code editing and importing an image)


I have also produced a series of lessons using Flash to produce animations from scratch and so I have included the link below.

Flash lessons


Here are a some documents that might be helpful.

Some useful bits of code (word / pdf)

How to play a Flash movie (word / pdf)


I have now added a new section on using the animations with an LMS. This is a project driven by the implementation of our school's VLE.




15 April, 2009