Dragging and Dropping





In lesson 3 you are going to learn how to create objects that the user can drag and drop on the stage. The example is a simple cloze activity but it can be adapted to anything where words or pictures are placed in a particular position. This includes labelling and sequencing tasks.

The simple example gives instant feedback when an object is placed. The lesson then progresses to show how the effort can be scored.

The last part of the lesson shows how a more complex movie can be adapted to produce more or less any activity of this type.


To be honest, I have no idea how long this lesson will take you.


As in lesson 1 and 2, work with Flash open and maximised. Keep switching between the application and the instructions using the taskbar.

If you prefer, you can print all the instructions from this printer friendly page.

Don't forget to save your flash working document (the .fla file) frequently, in a working folder that you can find!

If you wish, you can download a copy of the .fla file here.

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