Learning Flash MX - For Teachers!


Do you match this description?

  • You have been using PowerPoint in your lessons and feel that you have pretty well mastered it.
  • You are starting to feel limited by the way that PowerPoint works and you want to take more control over the way that objects are animated.
  • You have seen flash animations and games on the internet and want to have a go.
  • You haven't really got much of a life and think that staring at a laptop screen all weekend is fun.

I have put together four lessons, more or less in order of difficulty to get you started.

If you are completely new to flash, I would suggest working through them in order. If you already have some experience, have a look at the information below and pick a lesson that suits your needs.

Alternatively, if your experience has already taken you beyond the material here, why not write lesson 5!




Doing it like PowerPoint

  • Working with the timeline
  • Shape and motion tweens
  • Importing images
  • Working with text
  • Motion guides
  • Importing flash movies into PowerPoint


Getting interactive

  • Hotspots
  • Creating and using buttons
  • Working with visibility
  • Naming and using instances
  • Labelling techniques
  • Dynamic text and variables


Moving things about

  • Dragging and dropping
  • Checking if objects meet
  • ActionScript commands and functions


Clever Stuff

  • Using masks
  • Rotating backgrounds for animation
  • Using scenes
  • Dynamic text and variables