Getting Interactive





This lesson introduces some simple ways that your user can interact with the movie, revealing information as they move a mouse pointer over the screen.

It is also a chance to design a simple button and then use it to control what the user sees.

I am assuming that you have either done lesson 1 or know how to work with objects on the stage and how to manipulate the timeline. The instructions will therefore be a bit less explicit than in lesson 1.


The lesson should take around 30 minutes and will produce a series of movies like the one below, presenting a variety of solutions to the same problem.


As in lesson 1, work with Flash open and maximised. Keep switching between the application and the instructions using the taskbar.

If you prefer, you can print all the instructions from this printer friendly page.

Don't forget to save your flash working document (the .fla file) frequently, in a working folder that you can find!

If you are getting these instructions from the internet, you can download a zip file of the lesson image here. Unzip the file in your working folder.

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