The Timeline





Have a look at the timeline at the top of the Flash screen. It shows a series of frames that make up the movie.

Each object in the movie is normally placed on its own layer e.g. Layer 1. This organises the objects and allows you to do different things with each object.

At the moment our movie is only 1 frame. You should be able to see a single rectangle with a circle in it.

frame 1

To set the length of our movie and to show you how to alter the timeline, right-click on frame 80 in Layer 1.

Select Insert Frame from the menu that appears by left-clicking on it.

The frames between 1 and 80 will then be bordered with a rectangle.

Each frame lasts 1/12th of a second (although you can change this) so you now have a movie that will last around 7 seconds.

However, if you look at the stage, there is nothing in the movie yet. Your next task is to add some content.

adding some frames