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A2 Coursework Mark Scheme

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2 suggest relevant procedures to be used and select appropriate equipment to carry out the task.
4 design a plan in which enough relevant factors are taken into account and controlled in order to obtain valid data.
6 describe the observations, measurements and precautions needed to obtain valid quantitative data.
8 provide a reasoned explanation for the procedures selected, describe the anticipated method of collecting the data and suggest how they might be analysed, including an appropriate simple statistical test to support or reject the hypothesis being tested.

2 safely use appropriate techniques and equipment to obtain some relevant observations and measurements, with units given where applicable.
4 use techniques and equipment in a methodical and organised way to obtain and record an adequate range of valid observations and measurements.
6 use appropriate techniques and equipment to make detailed observations and suitably accurate quantitative measurements, and record these in a clear and understandable form.
8 take precautions to ensure the reliability of the data obtained in relation to the problem being investigated.

2 carry out some processing of results, e.g. in the form of a simple graph, chart or diagram, and identify the main pattern or trend.
4 process the data obtained with appropriate graphs and calculations, describe the relevant trends and patterns and provide a conclusion or solution to the problem which is consistent with the data.
6 use appropriate scientific terminology to provide a full report of the data obtained, analyse in detail patterns within the data obtained and draw appropriate conclusions.
8 make a full analysis of the outcomes of the investigation, supporting these with appropriate evidence from the data and explaining conclusions in relation to scientific knowledge.

2 recognise the limitations of the apparatus and techniques used.
4 assess the effect of the limitations of the apparatus and techniques on the reliability and precision of the data obtained.
6 assess the effect of the limitations of the apparatus, techniques and reliability on the conclusions made.

2 select some appropriate knowledge and principles.
4 select some knowledge and principles and explain their relevance to the investigation.
6 select most of the relevant knowledge and principles, provide a reasonable explanation of their significance to the investigation and generally present the account clearly and logically using appropriate scientific terminology.
8 select knowledge, principles and concepts, all of which are relevant to the investigation, explain their significance and apply them to the specific situation; present the account clearly and logically using appropriate scientific terminology effectively and accurately throughout.


4 August, 2006