B3 Life on Earth

How have scientists developed explanations of evolution?

  • When you are provided with information about alternative views on the origin of life on Earth, or the evolutionary process you should be able to:

    • identify statements which are data and statements which are an explanation;
    • recognise data or observations that are accounted for by (or conflict with) an explanation;
    • identify imagination and creativity in the development of an explanation;
    • justify accepting or rejecting a proposed explanation on the grounds that it:
      • accounts for observations;
      • provides an explanation that links things previously thought to be unrelated;
    • identify a scientific question for which there is not yet an agreed answer and suggest a reason why;
    • suggest plausible reasons why scientists involved in a scientific event or issue disagree;
    suggest reasons for scientists’ reluctance to give up an accepted explanation when new data appear to conflict with it.
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